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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Keeping Your Pool Clean and Safe For Children

Summer is on its way and it is the time when most people let their children play outside or when you spend time by the pool as a family. However, there are a few rules one must follow in order to keep the garden pool safe for children to use and avoid any accidents or potential health hazards. Ensure the children are using the right equipment Making sure the children are using the appropriate equipment before going for a swim is essential and can avoid many accidents. For example a child who cannot swim must wear their armbands or use …continue reading

Troubleshooting Pressure Washer Parts


Faulty pressure washer parts may be the cause of your pressure washer malfunctioning. There are some parts that typically cause certain problems with pressure washers and these parts should be checked in order to fully repair your pressure washer. The following is a checklist of pressure washer parts that should be examined to make sure your pressure washer is repaired correctly. Obviously, the first thing to check is the engine and fuel switches; make sure they are in the “on” position. If the power washer still will not start there could be defective wiring or a bad switch that needs …continue reading

How to Maintain a Metal Carport Shelter


Most consumers pay very little attention to their metal carport shelter once it has been installed. In order to extend the life of aluminum carports, it is important to handle repairs as soon as a problem occurs. This is easier said than done in most cases because unless you look at the shelter closely, you probably won’t see any problems until they become major. It takes about five minutes to do a good inspection of all of the components of your carport. Begin by first checking all of the joints and fasteners. You should immediately tighten any fasteners that are …continue reading

Eliminate The Danger Of Your Old Garage Door With A Roller Garage Door

Roller Garage Door

Are you one of those families that are still stuck with those old, heavy and dangerous garage doors? Fret no more! You can search and compare replacements from the comfort of your home through online garage doors retailers without having to break a sweat. A great option to go for is a roller garage door as they have many benefits. Oftentimes, our very busy schedules prevent us from doing home repairs we committed to do months ago. I am sure that just like I, you have some friends that have been planning of changing their old garage doors due to …continue reading

Caulking Tips For A Professional Finish

Caulking Tips

Caulking doesn’t sound like a hard thing to do. And it really isn’t, but the effort you put into it can have huge rewards when done right. I consider caulking one of the basic home repair jobs that every aspiring handyman should learn how to do correctly. As with anything else, there is a right way and a wrong way to caulk. Caulking Tips For The Home Handyman First off, I can’t stress how important it is to make sure any surface or surfaces that you’re cleaning be dry and clean. Proper prepping is very important to how well your …continue reading

Professional Drywall Tips For The DIY’er

Drywall Tips

If it’s one thing that a lot of DIY’ers get into trouble with it comes to drywall home repairs. It looks easy enough on YouTube or in a book, but once you start slinging the mud, weird things can happen. No one told the drywall, tape and mud that it was suppose to be easy and trouble free. Then when you start talking about matching texture, the home DIY’er quickly realizes they may have bit off more than they bargained for. Hopefully, these drywall tips will help you become better at repairing drywall. A good repair job will start by …continue reading

How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean And Safe For Swimmers

Swimming Pool

No pool owner wants their pool maintenance routine to feel like a chore. Luckily with the high-quality pool chemicals that are available on the market, the emergence of automated robotic cleaners and the efficiency of pump and filtration systems, it should only take a couple of hours a week to keep your pool safe, hygienic and clean. In this article we’ve broken the process down into four basic steps. Here’s how to keep your swimming pool clean and safe. Your first step is to test the pool water on a regular basis. This will tell you what chemicals are needed …continue reading

Cork Flooring Suits Those On A Budget

cork flooring

When budget is a factor in the choice of flooring, why not have a look at the different types of cork flooring on the market today. It is practical and relatively easy to maintain as well as being anti static and non slip making it a safe choice especially if you have children or older people living in your home. Buy the thicker cork board tiles as they will last longer and in the long run will prove better value for money. There are three main reasons why this type of flooring is a good choice: Comfort Cork flooring provides …continue reading

My Swimming Pool Lights Don’t Work: A Troubleshooting Guide

Swimming Pool Lights

Swimming pool lights look great at night, and they make it safer to swim. If your light suddenly switches off there are several reasons for this problem. In this article we will review step by step what you should do to find the root cause. Preventive measures First of all, know that when handling water and electricity you need to take prevention measures. Make sure every switch related to the pool lights is turned off. Start with the pool light switch itself, move on to the circuit breaker and switch it off. Next, tape all switches to prevent someone from …continue reading

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