Troubleshooting Pressure Washer Parts

Faulty pressure washer parts may be the cause of your pressure washer malfunctioning. There are some parts that typically cause certain problems with pressure washers and these parts should be checked in order to fully repair your pressure washer. The following is a checklist of pressure washer parts that should be examined to make sure your pressure washer is repaired correctly.

Obviously, the first thing to check is the engine and fuel switches; make sure they are in the “on” position. If the power washer still will not start there could be defective wiring or a bad switch that needs to be replaced. Other rather apparent things to check is fuel and oil levels, make sure the water tap is open and working properly. Check that the choke and throttle levers are in the correct positions and are functioning properly. Make sure you have the proper nozzle attached for the type of pressure washing you want to do, and that the water screen is not clogged. Priming the engine by pull starting it several times may make starting easier and help keep the pressure washer running properly. Couplers or O-rings in the lance where the nozzle is set may be worn and need replacement. If you have a steam pressure washer, be sure to checking the heating mechanism to ensure it is working properly. And finally, the gun trigger should be held open when pull starting the pressure washer.

If you are experiencing low water pressure this may indicate an air leak or dirty pump valves that need to be cleaned. These valves may become worn over time or the valve spring may break and should be replaced. The nozzle may be causing low water pressure; check the nozzle’s settings and be sure it is set to high pressure. If not, this is a simple adjustment that could solve the issue.

Pressure washers that vibrate or feel unstable may have dirty pump valve that need to be cleaned before it will work effectively. The air may need to be blown out of the water supply. Any clogged filters and a clogged or damaged spray nozzle or tip may also cause the unit to vibrate and should be cleaned or replaced, if necessary. It is important to remember when replacing pressure washer parts that the replacement parts are made by the manufacturer of your pressure washer or are at least compatible with your machine.