Keeping up with the latest window dressing trends

Like virtually every other aspect of interior design, window blinds and curtains are subject to changing trends and fashions. Here is what is currently hot in the world of window dressing.

Current window blind design trends

The first thing to note is that more and more households are selecting window blinds and shutters over more traditional window dressing options like curtains. Opting for made to measure blinds creates a tidier appearance of windows and reduces the amount of room needed to “store” coverings when not in use. The cleaner lines of made to measure blinds creates a neat finish to your rooms as a whole.

blind design

Made to measure fabric window blinds are in great demand, and wooden shutters are also experiencing a resurgence in popularity as people look to add a touch of glamour to their homes. Increasingly homeowners are spending more on their window coverings to create an elegant look that will last for years to come.

Many people are also now selecting multi-layer window blinds that incorporate blackout layers to reduce light seepage at night, while a sheer fabric layer allows sunlight into the room during the day. Simple and sleek designs are still by far the most popular however.

Current window blind fabric trends

An ever-increasing range of fabrics offer buyers a virtually unlimited choice of colours and designs for use with window blinds. Finding fabrics that match colour schemes for rooms is now as easy as finding good fabric for curtains has always been. Bold prints can create a focal point for rooms, whilst subtle pastel shades and stripes blend seamlessly into their surroundings. Striped designs are still the most popular of all fabric prints, although younger buyers are increasingly choosing bright, bold geometric or floral prints.

According to interior design experts, the most popular colours for use in window blinds at the moment are various hues of blue. Teal, aquamarine and soft green have all been identified as ‘in’. Brown on the other hand is the new basic, providing the common trend for the majority of current designs. Demand for luxury fabrics like silks, velvet and damask are also on the increase, but the overall design trend is still firmly towards more basic window blind fabrics like cotton.

Getting the right window blinds

Choosing a fabric and window blind style is one thing, but to choose one that actually fits with the rest of your home may mean seeking professional advice. For made to measure blinds to actually fit your windows, you will need to have the frames and gaps measured accurately.

Thomas Sanderson offers a free design consultation service to help homeowners choose the right fabrics and designs for their windows.

With over 20 years experience, our consultants will provide a free measurement service to ensure that made to measure blinds will fit perfectly once installed, even creating a different design for each room in your house to ensure you get the perfect fit for your home. Best of all, consultations are free of charge and there is no obligation to buy at any time.