Keeping Your Pool Clean and Safe For Children

Summer is on its way and it is the time when most people let their children play outside or when you spend time by the pool as a family. However, there are a few rules one must follow in order to keep the garden pool safe for children to use and avoid any accidents or potential health hazards.

Ensure the children are using the right equipment

Making sure the children are using the appropriate equipment before going for a swim is essential and can avoid many accidents. For example a child who cannot swim must wear their armbands or use their flotation device in order to stay safe.

cleaning the swimming pool

Make sure they cannot access the pool on their own

It is best children are supervised when using the pool in order to avoid any form of accident. Children should never be able to access the pool on their own. You can prevent that by fitting a fence all around the pool. A standard picket fence will often be sufficient enough and is relatively easy to put up.

You may also want to incorporate a gate with a key to the fence in order to further limit unsupervised access. That way the children can only access the pool when accompanied by a grown-up.

Keep the pool clean

Keeping your garden swimming pool is a must as it will avoid germs being spread and ensure the pool is safe to swim in.

Keep the pool covered throughout the winter months and clear the cover of any leaves so they cannot get into contact with the water.

Make sure the swimming pool pump is in working order as it will eliminate any dirty particles which might be present in the water.  However for pumping efficiency, it is best to limit the time at which the pump runs for improved pumping efficiency and lower energy bills.

Use an automatic pool cleaner in order to clear the dirt and grime that can be found at the bottom of the pool.