Cork Flooring Suits Those On A Budget

When budget is a factor in the choice of flooring, why not have a look at the different types of cork flooring on the market today. It is practical and relatively easy to maintain as well as being anti static and non slip making it a safe choice especially if you have children or older people living in your home. Buy the thicker cork board tiles as they will last longer and in the long run will prove better value for money. There are three main reasons why this type of flooring is a good choice:


Cork flooring provides a comfortable, soft feeling underfoot as well as acting as an insulator. It is not suitable for use in areas of your home that are exposed to strong sunlight as it will fade. You can buy different varieties of cork floor tiles. Some people prefer to buy the composite tiles which are a mix of cork and vinyl backing. This is much more hard wearing than 100% natural cork flooring although it is not as environmentally friendly. If you want your floor to keep looking great make sure it is correctly laid and properly sealed.

The type of home you live in is a factor in your choice of flooring

If you live in an apartment building you should check your lease to see if there are certain conditions mentioned regarding the choice of flooring in your home. Some buildings, particularly the older ones, have restrictions on the type of flooring you can use to prevent being a noise nuisance to your neighbors. Also there is a safety consideration as some flooring such as ceramic tiles can be very heavy and the structure of the building may not support it properly. Natural cork flooring shouldn’t cause you any problems as it is both lightweight and an effective noise reducer.

Keep your health in mind

If you or your family suffers from hay fever or other allergic reactions you need to choose the right type of flooring. You may have been told to pick a natural carpet such as those made from 100% wool or natural fibers. The problem is that carpets can hide certain pests such as bed bugs, dust mites and animal fleas. Laminate and wooden floors may seem like the answer but these can become very dusty very quickly. Laminates can release chemical gases depending on how they were made. Cork board flooring on the other hand is 100% natural and has yet to be linked to any form of allergy.

Not only that, but cork flooring is a green alternative because it’s a renewable resource. The tree where cork is taken from is not killed, it just produces more cork!