How to Maintain a Metal Carport Shelter

Most consumers pay very little attention to their metal carport shelter once it has been installed. In order to extend the life of aluminum carports, it is important to handle repairs as soon as a problem occurs. This is easier said than done in most cases because unless you look at the shelter closely, you probably won’t see any problems until they become major. It takes about five minutes to do a good inspection of all of the components of your carport. Begin by first checking all of the joints and fasteners. You should immediately tighten any fasteners that are loose. If a joint is not sealed properly, leaks can occur causing even more damage than is necessary.

Next, you should check the roof for damage such as dents or cracks that could have been caused by a storm or other weather related event. Cracks pose the largest problem because they are the most likely to cause leaks to the surface below. Dents to the material on top of the shelter can cause water to puddle and in turn, the moisture may cause rust and deterioration of the material in that area.

Finally, you should check the beams and overall integrity of the metal carport shelter. Make sure beams and posts are level. A level shelter will stand up better to weather and overall exposure to the elements. If you find that your shelter is off kilt, it is important to remedy the problem immediately. If you are unsure of how to go about fixing such a problem, consult or hire a contractor to fix the problem.

Luckily most problems can be easily remedied without the help of a professional. Even rust can easily be sanded down and removed. Once done, the area can then be refinished with a protective outdoor paint or sealant. The same can be said for cracks. You can fill in the area with a caulking and then apply a protective finish to prevent more problems in the future. Dents on the roof top tend to be a little more difficult but again, if you find trouble doing the repairs yourself, don’t hesitate to consult with a professional like Seneca Creek Home Improvement. Carports don’t last forever, but if you take just a few minutes, every once in a while, to take a close inspection of the parts, you can easily add many more years of function to your aluminum carport.