How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean And Safe For Swimmers

No pool owner wants their pool maintenance routine to feel like a chore. Luckily with the high-quality pool chemicals that are available on the market, the emergence of automated robotic cleaners and the efficiency of pump and filtration systems, it should only take a couple of hours a week to keep your pool safe, hygienic and clean. In this article we’ve broken the process down into four basic steps. Here’s how to keep your swimming pool clean and safe.

Your first step is to test the pool water on a regular basis. This will tell you what chemicals are needed and in what amounts. Using test strips that are simply dipped in the water is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. If you want to get a little more precise, get hold of a more advanced test kits that can read pH, alkalinity, total chlorine levels, free chlorine levels, phosphate levels and levels of dissolved solids.

Your second step is to add the chemicals that are needed. You need to ensure your primary sanitizer (such as chlorine or bromine) is present in required concentrations, that you add a pool shock treatment on a regular basis and that you maintain the pH and alkalinity of your pool using water balancers. You may also occasionally have to add a clarifier to clear up water that has turned cloudy and use an algaecide periodically to prevent any algal contamination. If you pool is being heavily used or there has been heavy rain that has washed contaminants into the pool, its a good idea to shock treat the pool more often. Remember to ensure that the pool is not being used when you add any pool chemicals.

Your third step is to run your pump and filter system for around 10 hours each day. That is normally enough to ensure that the entire volume of water used in your pool is pushed through the filter system. Sand and DE filters need to be back-washed on a regular basis.

Your fourth step is to skim any surface debris from the pool on a daily basis, clean out your skimmer baskets, brush around any hard to reach areas and vacuum your pool. When it comes to pool vacuums there a number of options on the market. Some like suction side and pressure side vacuums run off your main pump and filter system. But there are also truly automated models, such as blue peal pool cleaner, or the nitro robotic cleaner. They are completely integrated and self-contained units and do not require any complicated installation. These will help you learn how to keep your swimming pool clean and safe.